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The mission of ExDigita is to help companies to be more successful, and to increase revenue and profit by providing them with cost-effective digital marketing and technical virtual staff and outsourced services.


Hazel Baculad Laguna
Chairwoman and Manager, Admin, and Accounting

Hazel is the Chairwoman and Manager, Admin, and Accounting for ExDigita. Before founding ExDigita, Hazel’s previous career experience includes recruitment for a leading BPO company, telemarketing for a mortgage broker, institutional sales for a food products distributor, and managing retail promotions. Hazel has played a pivotal role in taking ExDigita from a startup to a leading digital marketing BPO.

Desiree Mamac Pantinople
Director, Media and Advertising Operations

“Dez” manages Media Buying and Advertising Operations for ExDigita. She also heads ExDigita’s best-in-class training program, which produces world-class media and AdOps professionals. Dez is certified on Google and DoubleClick ad tech platforms, and has experience and expertise using many major industry platforms. Dez has played a crucial role in helping dozens of companies around the world grow their online business. Dez is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Cebu Technological University, where she earned a BSICT degree.

Gladys Manayan Revillas
Director, Research, and Affiliate Services

“Gladz” manages the team that supports affiliate marketing services for agencies, publishers, and advertisers. She also heads online research, CRM services, content services, and various other services for digital agencies, publishers, and advertisers. Gladys has also worked in AdOps, Media Buying, Marketing, and Sales. Gladz is a Cum Laude graduate of Cebu Technological University, where she earned her BSICT degree.

Paul Anders Schwamm
Senior Advisor

Paul was educated in Europe and the US, and has lived in Asia more than thirty years. He has more than thirty years of consumer marketing and advertising management experience, including twenty-five years of online marketing and ad tech experience. Paul has been a board member of a 1,000-person corporation, and has managed companies of up to 200 people. Paul has won advertising industry awards and accolades, and has pioneered several online advertising methods and technologies in Asia. Paul earned his Master of International Management With Honors from American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird), his B.A. in Political Science from Hobart College, and has completed several additional graduate level courses in mergers and acquisitions, accounting, and corporate finance in Pace University’s Lubin School of Business.

Our Team

ExDigita is incorporated in the Philippines and registered with the SEC, with its office next to Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. The company provides digital marketing and technical virtual staff and outsourced services. All employees work from home.

our team 2018

Our objective is to provide professional services to our clients at the same or higher level than they would receive from their own locally-employed staff. We have a great team of professionals working in a friendly company culture that values people. We enjoy working with our clients and with each other. We are also very serious about the work we perform for our clients.

We have a multi-faceted team of full-time employees, supplemented by additional staff engaged on a part-time or project basis. Many of our employees have BSIT or BSICT degrees from four-year universities, while others come from diverse backgrounds including teaching, accounting, etc. Many have graduated magna / summa cum laude or with other honors. Many of our Media and AdOps staff are certified in Google AdWords and Display, DoubleClick ad platforms, and other leading online advertising technologies.

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ExDigita Team

We hire smart, highly-capable people who love working with online technology. Candidates for most of our positions take English and math tests, and we only interview those who score highly on both tests. For some positions, we ask to see a portfolio of candidates’ past work, or we test their programming skills. We look for people who are mature, responsible, dependable, trustworthy, honest, professional, and who conduct themselves with a high level of integrity.

People who are hard-working, diligent, organized, detail-oriented, pro-active self-starters, able to work without close or constant supervision are the best fit for working in ExDigita. Common sense, good business judgment, and a good sense of process flow are also important.

People working with us must desire to constantly learn new knowledge and develop their skills, because the online business industry we work in is constantly evolving, with new technology all the time.

Prospective clients may speak with our staff before committing to our services, to evaluate their technical knowledge and communications ability.