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What is your primary interest? Virtual Staffing for one or more full-time positions, to be directly managed by me.Outsourced services, requiring one or more persons on a full-time basis.Outsourced services on an ongoing, part-time basis, e.g.,for 10 - 20 hours every week.Outsourced services on a one-time or periodic, as needed basis.

How many outsourced services or virtual staff do you need? 1 Part-time staff1 Full-time staff2 - 4 Full-time staff5 - 10 Full-time staffMore than 10 full-time staff

How would you describe your digital business? Small, home-based company or sole proprietorship.New startup backed by VC or private equity.Venture company operating for several yearsEstablished company with 1 - 50 employeeEstablished company with 51 - 100 employeesEstablished company with 101 - 250Established company with more than 250 employees