Virtual Staffing and Outsourced Services – ExDigita

ExDigita helps companies by providing cost-effective digital marketing and technical virtual staff and outsourced services.

  • outsourced-services

    Outsourced Services

    We’re here for you when you need one-time, ad hoc, periodic, or ongoing help in digital marketing or other tech areas.

  • virtual-staffing

    Virtual Staffing

    Use our digital marketing and tech virtual staff to save up to 90%, on a part-time or full-time basis.

  • adops-media-programmatic

    AdOps & Media

    We have world-class AdOps and media staff, with expertise on leading ad platforms, video, programmatic, DSP’s, SSP’s, native, paid social, search, etc.

  • agency-services

    Agency Services

    Digital agencies, performance marketers, and advertisers become more flexible, more agile, and more profitable using our experienced digital marketing virtual staff.

  • compliance-content-moderation-quality-assurance

    Compliance & QA

    We do visual QA on hundreds of thousands of images daily to make sure digital images meet our clients’ requirements.

  • research-services

    Research Services

    Our researchers create B2B prospect lists, recruit affiliates and influencers, and much more.

  • creative-services

    Creative Services

    We provide high-quality, low-cost design of web sites, banners, brand identity and logos, as well as video and image editing.

  • seo-analytics

    SEO & Analytics

    Hire our dependable experts for all your SEO, analytics, and tag management needs.

Digital marketing and performance agencies, advertisers, publishers, e-commerce companies, ad networks, DSP’s, SSP’s, and others can quickly fill open positions, increase revenues, and reduce operating costs significantly by using ExDigita’s low-cost virtual digital marketing tech staff. By partnering with ExDigita your company can:

  • Reduce compensation costs up to 90% compared to costs in North America, Australia, and major EU markets
  • Outsource or virtually staff part or all of your digital marketing operations
  • Save valuable time by quickly filling open positions for digital marketers, AdOps, media buyers, creative services, compliance, QA, research, and more
  • Scale your company more quickly
  • Become more flexible, more agile, more responsive to client needs, and more profitable
  • Introduce new services and develop new revenue streams
  • Save money on recruitment expenses
  • Provide 24/7 support for any country and any time zone
  • Focus resources on your core competencies

We have two ways of helping companies by providing high-quality, digital marketing and technical talent: Virtual Staffing and Outsourced Services.

Virtual Staffing

Many companies have ongoing needs for digital marketing and technical staff such as AdOps, media buyers, campaign managers, affiliate marketers, social media support, tech support staff, ad traffickers, online researchers, compliance and QA staff, content moderators and others. Clients engage our highly-trained professionals as half-time or full-time virtual staff. Some clients use one virtual staff for 20 hours per week, while other clients engage full-time teams of 5 – 20 or more of our virtual staff.

Clients manage our virtual staff directly however they want to manage them, i.e., just assigning daily or weekly tasks, or fully integrating them into the client’s own team of employees, just as if they were a “local hire”.

The huge cost savings of up to 80 – 90% that may be achieved by using ExDigita’s Virtual Staff can have a huge impact on any company’s bottom line. In many cases, the savings are big enough to make the difference of a company being profitable or unprofitable. By being able to onboard experienced staff quickly, companies can achieve important milestones more quickly, generate revenues more quickly, satisfy their client needs, and possibly become more appealing to investors and business partners.

How much faster could your company grow if you could quickly hire the additional technical staff you need – with no recruitment cost?

How much more profitable could your company be if you could quickly hire experienced tech staff at up to 80 – 90% lower cost?

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Outsourced Services

Many clients use ExDigita’s cost-effective Outsourced Services to grow their business. In addition to huge cost savings, clients assign work to ExDigita’s talented tech staff to free up their own staff to focus on other priorities. Our Outsourced Services can be used for one-time projects or ongoing work.

With Outsourced Services, rather than having dedicated Virtual Staff managed directly by our clients, clients assign their work to us, and it’s up to us to allocate appropriate resources in ExDigita to get the work completed to our clients’ satisfaction, on time, and on budget. Experienced Account Managers or Project Managers are assigned for all client work.

Some clients, such as digital agencies, use ExDigita to provide new services to their own clients. For example, some agencies might not have expertise in programmatic media, SEO, paid social media, SEM, web development, or some other areas. ExDigita provides these services to our clients, so they can offer their clients more services. We work on a white label basis, so we are “invisible” to our clients’ clients.

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