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SEO, Analytics Services, and Tag Management

Search Engine Optimization

Many web site owners and online retailers know that SEO is important in helping to generate a good ranking in search engines, site traffic, a good user experience, engagement, and site revenues, but relatively few have a thorough understanding of what SEO is, how multifaceted SEO is, and how to implement SEO on their web site.

The first step in SEO is to have a professional SEO audit. The ExDigita SEO team investigates more than 60 items when we conduct an SEO Audit for a client. While many of these items are on-page, many are off-site. While some are technical in nature, some are related to content and language. For example, an SEO audit might indicate that a client needs to add site pages, change their site navigation, change page URL’s and titles, create social media accounts, post blog, and social media content, create or optimize images and videos, etc.

SEO is NOT about “black hat” tactics that try to trick search engines or users. Such tactics will backfire, incur “penalties” from search engines and, ultimately hurt a web site. SEO is about creating a good user experience and better search engine results. Search engine algorithms are constantly updated, so SEO needs to be an ongoing endeavor, and not just a one-time project.

Analytics Services

We highly recommend using Google Analytics (GA) to help measure SEO results, as well as to provide insights into paid advertising campaigns. Google Analytics is a very powerful suite of analytical tools and it’s free.

GA enables knowing from where your site visitors came and how they got to a web site, i.e., what site they came from and what keyword(s) they used to find your site. GA also enables site owners to know which pages and links are most popular and most interesting to site visitors. Site visitors can be segmented by new / returning visitors, referral sources, geography, etc.

We highly recommend that Google Analytics be used in conjunction with both SEO and paid advertising campaigns. Our team of Google-certified analytics experts are ready to help you use Google Analytics effectively.

Click here to read details of Google Analytics’ extensive reporting capabilities.

Tag Management

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is free to use and provides many significant benefits, with full control over how your tags are defined and fired. GTM works with all Google platforms and many third-party tags. As a Google Partner, ExDigita has trained experts who can help leverage the power of Google Tag Manager. Click here to see some of the features and benefits of GTM.