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Compliance, Content Moderation, and QA Services

ExDigita has been helping keep brands and websites safe for many years by providing reliable compliance, content moderation, and quality assurance services. Our well-trained professionals make sure ads, affiliate links, websites, and social media posts comply with our clients’ policies, platform guidelines, and FTC regulations. We do visual QA on hundreds of thousands of images daily to make sure digital images meet our clients’ requirements. We check to ensure that affiliates are not buying brand keywords in contravention of affiliate policies. We verify that ad contents and landing page contents are consistent. We enforce content policies and keep out undesirable content and spam that could seriously harm a brand or website. We check ads to ensure they comply with publishers’ and platforms’ policies. We test websites for proper useability, including testing links.

If your company needs reliable compliance, content moderation, or digital QA services, please send us an inquiry to find out how our team of trained professionals can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.